Why we make holsters

We started our Kydex holster company based on the belief that every gun owner deserves a holster that is not only custom-fit to their specific weapon, but also delivered in a timely and efficient manner. We recognized the need for a holster that truly fits your gun and your body, providing both comfort and security. We realized that the current market was lacking in this area and we set out to fill that gap. We use only the highest quality Kydex, and our holster molds are CAD designed and CNC manufactured in-house.  We hand make each holster and test it on the actual gun to ensure a perfect fit for each individual customer. We believe that every gun owner should have access to a holster that is both well-fitting and quickly delivered, and we are committed to providing that for our customers.


Christian is our lead designer and head of research and development.  As an avid gun owner, he understands the importance of a holster that provides comfort, concealability and retention whether for personal defense or for the range.  His commitment to excellence is fueled by his passion to ensure that our holsters are not only of the highest quality but meet the needs of other gun enthusiasts.   


With a passion for efficiency and a commitment to excellence, Micah leads the company's operations to ensure that every holster produced meets the highest standards of quality and is delivered on time.

Micah has a deep understanding of the manufacturing process and is committed to creating a streamlined and efficient system that allows for the production of high-quality holsters in a timely manner. Micah is constantly looking for ways to improve the production process and is always on the lookout for new technologies that can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Micah is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by ensuring that every holster produced by Shofar Defense meets the highest standards of quality and is delivered on time. He works closely with the research and development team to ensure that the production process can accommodate new materials and designs.

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